Re-engineering for business impact

MR Equipments Design

MR Equipments was a niche but well known brand in the category of industrial security, The machines were functionally superior offering high performance, but design was seriously deficient giving a perception of low quality. There was a need to offer the machines a facelift to positively impact business. The Future Factory team arrived at a conclusion that design intervention on product quality was required, covering a broad scope from the manufacturing process to the machine design, in order to create real impact.


Work began by tearing down the products and rebuilding the product architecture. The scope covered everything. From the parts that were being used, processes that were being engaged, to what delivery parameters were being benchmarked during design. The result was a new proposed product architecture. This was followed by a design re-engineering exercise, also revamping current processes.

Within a year, internal construction, inventory management, pricing and perceived quality, all took a giant leap, raising MR’s revenue to an unprecedented level and enhancing brand recognition.

Product MR Security Equipment
Industry Industrial
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Product Architecture
  • Process
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacture


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