Enhancing the value of a low engagement category

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Ceiling fans are a high penetration consumer goods category, but also a seriously low engagement one. This makes the choice of product highly price sensitive and trade influenced. The brief was to use design to enhance the value of the product using a strong user hook.

Redefining a new category

The team used a set of deep dive and quantitative FutureProof methodologies, to identify strong user hooks for the category of ceiling fans. A key insight outlined how purchase decision for ceiling fans was amongst the last in the home renovation process, and how enhancing this rank would build stronger user engagement.The result was "Thematise", a product platform rooted in true user value. The recommended strategy crafted aspirational "Themes" that users would design their homes around, with a portfolio of fans to match.

Product New York Tiffany
Industry Consumer Goods
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Thematic Design Sensibilities

The award winning fan, Tiffany falls within one of these themes, marked the Signature Series: New York. The design sensibility of the fan is themed around the city of New York, home to some of the finest examples of modern architecture. The design aims to find the right interpretation of this spectacular modern aesthetic to appeal to the expectations of contemporary generations.

Design meets sustainability

In India where there is power fluctuation and people are conservative on electric bills, the Tiffany comes inbuilt with a BLDC motor helping make the fan energy efficient. This motor features high efficiency and power-saving advantage relative to other fan motors in sync with Indian customer needs. The unique canopy-free design gives a seamless look and the design creates an illusions of floating blades. The fan operates via remote control making it convenient for the user.

User Convenience

The product comes with a remote control that allows the user to make his preferred setting of speed of the fan to offer a seamless user experience. The integrated decorative trim not only gives a seamless look but also allows for aerodynamic airflow which further increases efficiency as also reduces load on the motor.

The product was globally acclaimed by the prestigious Italian A' Design award.



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