Month: November 2017

People v/s Project: The Ethics of Ethnography

Ethnography is a powerful tool. It puts the subject’s beliefs, thoughts and aspirations in the hands of the observer. And as the famous superhero once said: with great power comes great responsibility. When working on a healthcare assignment, the Future Factory team faced a unique dilemma…

Innovation for Diversity: A Tale of Two Villages

The mention of an Indian village conjures up a standard, consistent image. But this is not reality. With 833 million people speaking 780 languages India is unique in its diversity. Moreover, large parts of India are testimony to having been left behind, while several states now…

Democratising Technology

A recent news report claimed that if the entire unbanked population were a country, it would be the world’s 8th largest nation. Financial inclusion is about bringing these vulnerable, marginalised communities into the formalised system of banking. Doing away